The Most Popular Types of Rice

When most people think about rice, they tend to think about plain white grains. But there are actually many different types of rice that are grown all around the world. This concept makes total sense since different climates and geographies will inevitably produce different types of grains. But the average home chef may wonder which type of grain best suits their needs. Here is a description of some of the most popular rice grains that can be cooked and made into dishes.

White sticky rice

This style of rice grain is most popular in Asian countries, especially in Korea. It’s a short grain rice which helps with the sticky and chewy consistency. Korean cuisine tends to use sticky rice because it’s the most commonly grown form in this country. It usually goes with classic Korean dishes such as barbecue beef ribs, fermented cabbage, and pan-fried pork. Using sticky rice is a great way to introduce a new and innovative rice grain into your daily diet.

White long grain rice

This is the type that is most frequently used in Chinese cuisine. It isn’t sticky and the rice tends to have a soft and fluffy texture. The grains themselves are longer which prevents them from sticking together. It’s a very versatile rice grain since it goes with pretty much any dish. There isn’t a lot of flavor to it so it’s best to pair it with heavy and sauce-filled foods. It’s also the rice grain that is used to make Chinese porridge, one of the most popular dishes in China.

Brown grain rice

Most people in North America are switching to brown rice since it has nutrients that can’t be found in white rice. Switching from brown to white rice is very similar to the switch between brown and white bread. Brown grain rice has more fiber in it which helps the digestive system and the metabolic system. The only downside to a brown grain is the fact that the flavor is a bit more bitter and the texture is less fluffy.

The above mentioned rice grains are the three most popular ones in the world. Sticky rice is great for new flavor, plain white rice is a terrific neutral base, and brown rice is the healthiest of the bunch. There are other grains but they’re very difficult to find in North America. It doesn’t matter which type of grain is chosen so long as it suits the lifestyle choices of the person making it.

Rice is one of the most commonly eaten foods on the planet because it provides the vital carbohydrates that the body needs and it’s delicious. Rice and beans is very popular dish in South America while many people in Africa eat long grain rice on a daily basis. But nowhere is rice more popular than in Asia and the regions that surround it. Although most people eat rice on a daily basis, it seems like rice cookers are only popular amongst Asian communities. Here are some reasons why Asian people love rice and why they seem to be the only ones to use rice cookers.

Most Asian cuisine is full of exotic ingredients and rich flavors that can be overwhelming for people who don’t eat it all the time. In order to neutralize the richness of these dishes, plain rice is eaten at most meals. For example, Indian curries are famously spicy and thick and they require basmati rice to soak up the heavy flavors. While naan bread is also used to soak up the richness of these curries, rice is a lot easier to make since it only requires water and a pot. Chinese food is also quite heavy because sauces and marinades are used during food preparation. Plain white rice is eaten in order to offset these thick flavors and bring more balance to the meal. Because this style of cooking combines rich flavors with plain rice, Asian cuisine is all about balance.

Rice cookers are great at making plain rice

Asian rice is different that South American and African rice because it is normally served plain. South Americans and Africans love to flavor their rice with regional spices. Oftentimes their meals are made up of rice and only one other dish, which makes it necessary to flavor their rice heavily. Asians are different because rice acts as a neutral base that is meant to soak up flavor. They tend to use rice cookers more often because these cookers steam rice and do not add any new flavors to it. Rice cookers are especially popular in China and Japan since both countries are the world’s largest consumers of white rice.

These are two of the main reasons why Asian people love rice and rice cookers. They are big fans of rice because it soaks up the heavy sauces that are often popular in their dishes. Asians love rice cookers because they are fast and efficient at making plain white rice. Because these cookers are so convenient, they are only just now becoming popular in the States and Canada. It won’t be long before the entire world is on the rice cooker bandwagon.